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Paul has been instrumental in developing CAPE, (Collaborative Audio Production Experiment) a recurring event at thewombforums.com where teams are made up from participants from all over the world with amazing results. There may be less sweat and less beer stains, but often the music still feels like these musicians have actually played together in the same room.

Here are some examples of these musical endeavours.

In each case, the musicians have played their parts separately, sometimes with as many as 9 time zones and several continents between them, and have simply shared their audio files with their team members over the internet. The technologgy is in fact quite simple, and ever since the DAW (digital audio workstation) has become the centerpiece of many musicians'  recording setup, a few simple but efficient conventions ensure everyone is on the same page.

Team Europa -  "Darkness"

(Paul Curtiz - lead & backing vocals)

countries involved : France, Norway, Italy, Finland, Belgium)

Team FunkSoulBrothers -

"SuperCalistankilicious FunkyAlidocious"

(Paul Curtiz - lead & bvoxes, guitar)

countries involved : USA, Canada, Belgium

Team Resonance - "Downtown"

(Paul Curtiz - lead& bvoxes, songwriting, guitars)

countries involved : USA, Sweden, Norway, Belgium

Team Solar - "Praise & Believe"

(Paul Curtiz - lead & bvoxes, songwriting, guitar)

countries involved : USA, Australia, Finland, Belgium

Team Conception - "Making Noise On Sunday"

(Paul Curtiz - guitar & arrangements)

countries involved : USA, Belgium)

Team Goes211 - The Sky Is Crying

(Paul Curtiz - production, bvoxes, guitar)

countries involved : USA, France, Finland, Belgium

Team Chris Lambrechts - "Dysfunctional Families"

(Paul Curtiz - songwriter)

countries involved : USA, Belgium, Switzerland)

Team Satellite - "Goodbye Love"

(Paul Curtiz - lead & bvoxes, guitar)

countries involved : UK, USA, Belgium, France)

Want more ? Go straight to the CAPE RADIO


Making music is not always about a 'release', a 'deal' or a 'budget'. Most of the time, it's about an encounter between musicians. Paul has been known to actively pursue and even provoke these, and a quick look at his discography will show a healthy dose of ecclectism.

Over the years, he has participated in many projects and met up with  many musos. Whether jumping in to play a duet set with David Baerwald (of David & David / Sheryl Crow fame) to a delighted audience, or joining stars like Chris De Burgh for TV appearances, for Paul these are all part of the global music experience. He even got a chance to meet some of his musical heroes.

Ever since the technology became available, Paul has been actively developing 'online music collaborations' over the internet, meeting up with musicians from all over the world. Paul is currently an administrator of the best place on the net for such happenings, thewombforums.com, Mixerman's famous and controversial internet abode is the home of the most exciting musical creations, and the only audio forum to offer...actual audio.